Constructed by artisans to your specifications

Our Shells

All of our shells are made from scratch from the highest quality veneers.

Using our own tooling we can make any diameter drum in any length up to 20 inches - so if you really want a 12 by 18" tom, you can.

We aim to deliver within 4-8 weeks, however some designs take a little longer but we promise to keep you informed.


Better still, come and see the drums being made.

The veneers

We make all of our own ply wood from scratch using only A Grade veneers allowing precise control over the sound & look from the outset.

The plies

Having tried all of the glues available, we have selected the one with the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and resonance for each of our plies.

The shells

Instead of using heat to set our shells, we set them at a constant

low temperature which means they are much stronger & more stable.

the sound

Our moulds are made from steel, which means they are always consistent & are sized so the bearing edge has the optimum contact with the drum head.

Our Finishes

You can chose from over 50 exotic veneers and any colour or finish you can imagine, be it high gloss, cool satin, matte or a mixture of colours patterns or finishes.

The only thing that we won't do is wrap one of our kits.  Our drums are designed to sound the best a drum kit can sound, so why ruin it when wood has even more beauty to offer.

Cambridge Walnut with Blue Inlay
Cambridge Walnut with Blue Inlay
Cambridge Ash Blue Stain
Cambridge Ash Blue Stain
Cambridge Ash Bright Red Stain
Cambridge Ash Bright Red Stain
Cambridge Birds Eye Maple
Cambridge Birds Eye Maple


Download the Cambridge Drums 2017 price list here, and once you've made up your mind, contact us for more info and to start the process to owning your bespoke, truly custom drum kit.