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The first public outing for the GLite kit was a sound check at the Royal Albert Hall, an acoustic that takes no prisoners. The sound can only be described in one word - AWESOME!

Gilson Lavis



Vintage drums are big business these days, however most truly vintage kits you find for sale will be very fragile, or not particularly well looked after examples, and modern drums makers will produce you a 'vintage' look, but still very much a modern sound.

The GLite is a kit inspired by a request from Gilson Lavis. Gilson was looking for a vintage sounding kit, with bags of resonance and a warmth and tone that he hasn't been able to find anywhere else.

Crafted by our master drum builder, the GLite features tom shells that are just 3mm thick, and a bass drum that's 5.25mm thick- that's almost see through in drum terms! The result is one that you won't find anywhere else.

Now fully utilised as Gilson's tour kit, the GLite combines this vintage sound with a robust build you won't find in older drums kits.

For more information about the GLite kits or to request a quote, please fill out our contact form below.

Cambridge Drums GLite kits

Cambridge Drums GLite kits

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