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Too much choice can be intimidating, the Cambridge Standard lets you focus on the sound

Standard Series

The joy of making a bespoke drum kit exactly as the customer intended is something that we love, however we understand that too much choice can be daunting, from shell sizes and depths, to construction and then finally finish.

If you know you want a truly amazing sounding kit without having to worry about the finer details, take a look at our Standard range, where we have recommended our most popular shells and finishes.

We have decided to call this range the Standard Series, because the Cambridge sound, should be the standard you aim for.

Shell types

Finish options




Colour options







Satin Flame Walnut, Bird's Eye Maple, Figured Sycamore, Smoked Oak

Shell pack sizes


Our incredibly versatile smaller kit, the 18 inch bass drum for a long time has been considered a 'jazz' size, but the punch and projection you get from the Cambridge 18 offers you so much more versatility.

(This shell pack is available with a 20" bass drum upon request)


Available in the most popular size for drums kits currently, known as American Fusion, this 22 inch kit is perfect for any style of music and the extra tom allows you the option of taking it or leaving it at home for others to drool over.


The ultimate classic rock kit in the most iconic of sizes. The volume and projection you get from this kit has to be heard to be believed and is quickly becoming a Cambridge favourite.

classic snare - £350

The most versatile and iconic 14x5.5 snare is the perfect accompaniment to any of our Standard Series kits, but would equally improve any kit.

A thin, 3 ply shell available in any of our Standard woods and finishes- the snare drum of choice for Gilson Lavis.

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