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Constructed by artisans to your specifications

Our Finishes

All of our kits are made in the UK by our experienced craftsman, and each is finished to the highest standard, and to your specification.

Cambridge Drum Kits are all about the sound, which is why none of our kits will ever be wrapped.  All of our drums are engineered to sound the best that a drum kit can sound, so why then ruin that by choking the wood with a wrap?  Besides, just take a look at what we can do with wood.

Choose from the natural beauty of Rosewood, Walnut, Bird's Eye Maple and more in matte, satin or our very own water based high gloss lacquer which is the most eco-friendly lacquer available.  If you can't decide which exotic veneer to choose, then why not combine them and let us show you how good our craftsman are.

If you want to personalise your kit even more, then you can add a range of vibrant colours, fades and bursts to help you stand out with your looks as well as your sound.

See the possibilities

Exotic Outer Veneers


Stains, Lacquers &

other Finishes

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