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Constructed by artisans to your specifications

Our Shells

Unlike a lot of other custom drum builders, all of our shells are made in house, from start to finish.  With over 30+ years in the woodworking industry, we know about wood and how to choose veneers, and we hand select all of our veneers so they are unrivalled in terms of both sound and looks.

Whilst most of the drum industry wants you to believe that the wood is the only part of the drum shell that matters, we have a PHD thesis from Cambridge University that proves that the glue used is equally as important.

That's why we have tested every glue available to us to find the perfect one.  Our special glue allows the shells to resonate freely whilst being structurally sound.

Our process is based around one thing, making a musical instrument that sounds the best that it possibly can.


Our factory uses the very best machinery and steel moulds instead of wooden moulds that have been made to our own specifications so each and every drum shell is perfectly round and always will be- no exceptions.

Cold press moulding is a key component of the Cambridge Drum Companies process as this allows the shells the most stable environment to set.

Our temperature that we set the shells at is constant whether it's February or August, so you can always be sure of perfection whenever you order your bespoke Cambridge Drum Co kit.

Choose Your Shells

Maple Shells

Maple shells have been used to make drum kits for decades.  The sound is very versatile and a great all rounder.

Beech Shells

Great for live performances and in the studio, Beech produces lots of mid-high end frequencies, these shells really have to be heard.

Mahogany Shells

A traditional wood for kits, Mahogany produces a lower and richer sound than Maple that plays like no other live.

Choose Your Shells

As we make each & every one of our shells from scratch, if you want a different sound, a different shell type or to mix woods in your plies then you can do- that's the joy of bespoke made drums.

Other wood types available such as: Walnut, Ash, Sycamore, Sapele and many more.

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