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"Cambridge Drums are without doubt the most focused & musical drums I have ever played. In the studio or live they provide a fantastic vehicle to carry me to wherever I wish to go. Amazing."

Gilson Lavis

With over 35 years of experience in woodworking, industrial manufacturing and drumming, we at The Cambridge Drum Company produce individually tailored kits, designed by you to the exact specifications you need for the sound you want to hear.


Design every aspect of your kit to suit your style, see it being made and have it delivered at a price that cannot be matched.

We build every kit from the ground up using select veneers, custom designed lugs and high grade finishes and stains. Every single drum must meet a tight tolerance for round, and every drum is required to meet these standards before being set up on stage. 

"If it ain't round, then it ain't got that sound"

Gilson Lavis Cambridge Kit
Cambridge Drum snare Skull inlay
Cambridge Walnut Jazz Kit
Cambridge Drums White Beech Kit
Cambridge Drum Banded Drum Kit
Cambridge Drums Burl Walnut Snare
Cambridge Drums Showcase
Cambridge Drums Sunburst Kit

See what we can do for you

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