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Constructed by artisans to your specifications


The Cambridge Drum Company was founded in 2014 by Ian Croft.  


As a drummer looking for a new kit, Ian could not get the kit he wanted unless he waited 7 months+ and paid a high premium for the privilege of a generic sounding drum kit- so he decided to do something about it.

Cambridge Drums was founded to finally give the drummer bespoke, British made drums at an affordable price where you can be involved in the process from beginning to end.


To keep it simple, Cambridge Drums are built to translate what the drummer hears from behind the kit, to the audience at the back of the room. The term "Modern Vintage" describes our approach perfectly, channelling classic tones with modern manufacturing techniques to produce drums that are inspiring and musical to play. By sticking tight to our principles and making sure that every drum meets our specifications, we aim to make the drummer's job as easy as possible. 

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