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Rafa Gonzalez Benitez


Rafa is the drummer with Spanish rock band, The Electric Alley, a busy touring band active across Europe.

He started his playing career at a young age with a keen interest in playing many musical styles, from rock to flamenco, jazz to orchestral drumming. Rafa studied Modern Music and Jazz at the University of Cadiz, and is still very much active in his own personal learning as well as giving back as a busy teacher.

He has toured much of Europe and South America with acts such as; Manuel Perfumo, Natalia and Maka, Hakim and Combo Guataca.




Floor Tom

Floor Tom

Bass Drum

Outer Veneer



14x5.5 Beech

12x9 Beech

13x10 Beech

14x14 Beech

16x16 Beech

20x18 Beech

Maple with Black to Red Burst

High Gloss

Remo Pinstripe

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