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Introducing the Cambridge SuperLight

The Cambridge Drum Company philosophy is that we will make you anything you want, using our methods which are sonically the best around- simple really!

That's why, when we got a request from the brilliant Gilson Lavis for a new kit, we were only to happy to oblige. This kit wasn't like his other kits though. In fact, wasn't like any of the kits we had made before.

Gilson was after a 'vintage' sound. Now, vintage to us generally means about how it was played or recorded, as older drum kits are not especially well made, or made from very good materials. But we knew what Gilson meant. A kit with lots of warmth and bags and bags of resonance, which can only mean very thin shells.

We've made thin shells before, but if you want a true vintage sound, we had to go thinner. We got to work on this project and made lots of prototypes trying different things, until we finally got the recipe right.

We chose Beech as not only is it a very tough wood, but because of its strength, it means that the plies can be cut thinner from the outset. The toms are just 3mm thick and the bass drum is 5.25mm- which is ridiculously thin!

We have had to install re-rings on the interior just to aid with stability and also to give somewhere for the lugs to grip onto, but these shells are the thinnest on the market by a long way.

Ian Croft delivered the kit to Gilson recently and he was completely blown away. He set us this challenge knowing that we would attack it with gusto, but not expecting the results that we delivered! The kit is the finest sounding kit Gilson has ever played- not our words, his.

We will be recording some videos with Gilson very soon- but if you want to know more about our genuine modern-vintage sound, then get in touch!

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