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The Cambridge Drum Factory Open Day Goes Off With Lots of Bangs!

We've been building up to the first open day of 2017 for some time, and it was great to finally get the evening under way and see so many new faces at the factory.

Our open days are your chance to get up close and personal with our drums, and see how we make everything from scratch. Drum clinics and open days like these are always great fun, and sadly a dying breed with the decline of the specialist drum store, which is why we were so pleased to see people come from long distances to see our drums and hear our artists.

The night kicked off with the superb Dan Western showing off our 'Bonham-esque' kit, and he certainly didn't hold back putting it through it's paces! From heavy classic rock, we then followed that by introducing Clark Tracey, UK Jazz Drummer of the Year, to show us exactly why he holds that title.

Clark's playing and feel is truly something else, and his brush work is like nothing I've ever seen before in person and we are so pleased to have Clark on board.

It was then back to Dan, this time playing a gorgeous Wine Red jazz kit, but you can't follow Clark Tracey playing jazz- believe us we've tried! Dan was able to show you that small, so-called "jazz kits" are much more than that, or at least the Cambridge Drum Co jazz kits are.

We were very lucky to have Squeeze's Simon Hanson compering the night, and we managed to talk him into having a drum duet/ battle with Dan before Simon took the stage to close the night with some Squeeze classics.

After all this, it's safe to say that the audience were blown away with the sound and the quality of the drums on offer.

We have more information to come on the event, and new videos and audio files to come, but if you were suitably impressed by the drums on offer, why not check out our 2017 price list, and who knows, you may even fit into our endorsement program, so get in touch.

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