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Gilson Lavis


Gilson Lavis was born in Bedford on 27th June 1951. His career has spanned four decades where he has played with a myriad of people from the entertainment industry. He is one of Britain's most experienced and versatile drummers still performing and touring Britain and Europe on a full time basis. His talents are many. Besides drums and percussion, he has in the past, worked as a singer, a guitarist and a male model!. He lives in the Lincolnshire countryside with his wife and son.

From the 90's to the present day he has been performing with JOOLS HOLLAND and his RHYTHM AND BLUES ORCHESTRA. The Orchestra started with just Jools and Gilson as a duo and has grown into the most successful big band of modern times.



Floor Tom

Floor Tom

Bass Drum

Outer Veneer



14x5.5" Mahogany

13x9" Mahogany

16x16" Mahogany

16x18" Mahogany

24x14" Mahogany

Rosewood & Maple Stripes

High Gloss Lacquer

Aquarian Modern Vintage

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